January 30, 2009

Hop in color

Back and forth

Well, for whoever that maybe interested, the meeting yesterday with Maarten and Ramon
was good, for sure the lunch i made went down well :). There were constructive comments about my script and the actual narrative where also improvements need to be made. There's another, yes another, deadline for 17 february to have a written concept for the story which needs to be solid and then build from the ground up.

The truth is out there

I 'researched' alien abduction. I know, it's an excuse to not work and I regret it. I found out there's an almost religious following of people who desperately want to be abducted. You can even buy books about how to enhance your chances, on how to smoothen abduction-situations or get consults from people who succeeded. That was a bit of the fun part going through an infinite pile of bad 'real proof' of actual kidnappings... When I stumbled upon an image of an abduction set against a full moon and a howling wolf I realised it wasn't beaming me anywhere...

January 28, 2009

January 27, 2009

Still hairy

It's taking me some time for the storyboard to get it right. The first draft got shot out of the air almost immediately, so I'm reworking the rework. As compensation here's a new version of the hairy alien. It's sketchy, but I'm confident the designers will land it down later. And maybe tonight I decide to alter it once again. The writing part is the doubting part. But it's better to get that out of our system anyway so we can continue with confidence :)

January 17, 2009

Bullies StoryBoard

For people visiting this blog and wondering what the Bullies-project is all about I publish this storyboard. It's been made about half a year ago and it will be the basis for the story. A lot of things have happened since then and the story has changed a little bit, mainly to keep focus on the event and get the story clear. The basic plot is unchanged. Maybe Ces can tell us more about 'what happened before it got into production again' ;)

The whole idea at this moment is to try to get a 30 second to 1 minute short out of it, which will be some kind of 'school-project'-short on how to produce animation. If we succeed, LunarCactus will have it's first animation and sort of business-card to help find money to produce larger projects. All comments are welcome and appreciated, since it's meant to be a project to learn from :)

January 16, 2009

Old Wuppie

I already have taken a shot at designing the StoryBoard to see if I wanted to actually do it. This is how the poor Wuppie looked like in that first 'draft':

To me, the 'new' ones are the same in essence (just a heap of hair, eyes & mouth), but stylized further to be clean for easier 'reading' and animation. Since this is going to be an ultra-small fast-paced short, there's absolutely no room for distracting full-blown design. That's a pity, but also the challenge! I am also not going to do the animation, but I dó feel responsibility for the one who will. The animator might look at both the designs and don't see the difference in animation-work, but I know I am going to be less happy with the result with the first model. If I see all this hair, I want it to be animated like such. With the new one, I wouldn't have this problem. Shapeshifting will do the trick, it's sci-fi right? :)

But please feel free to not agree with this! I'd like to hear your opinion :)

Eating and Flying

January 15, 2009

the Bullies say 'Hello again'

The Bullies are back! The idea is to take the existing idea of the hair-hiyacking-duo and shake an animated business-card out of it for LunarCactus.

Script pages 01-05, draft 1

First draft for the script for the 5 minutes animation. At the moment I am still thinking about titles, one that was suggested to me is 'One less fish to fry', also an english expression.

January 14, 2009

Studies of underwater fish farm

Study of Kelpifera, a small planet covered by sea and giant seaweed. As the fish has been all eaten, it is now produced in an underwater fish farm.

Marvin the Martian

They are coming, watch out!!

January 13, 2009

All the guns you'll ever need

Since we've started the year with ever more violence and bloodshed across the globe, it seems only fitting to link to a site where all possible guns featured in movies have been listed, really instructive ;-). Now if all this violence just remained in the realm of fiction....

January 9, 2009

Nice waves

Brendan and the secret of Kells (French trailer)

The people of Cartoon Saloon (Skunk fu) are behind this animation, I really like the characters style and the animation is super, can't wait to see it!

January 8, 2009

Food fight

A brief history of modern warfare illustrated by food. To see which foods represent what country, check out this cheat sheet

See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today's Big Thing.

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Mouse

Love all about this one, scenes like the evil potion that Tom makes and Jerry's turning into Mr Mouse are just excellent...