January 16, 2009

Old Wuppie

I already have taken a shot at designing the StoryBoard to see if I wanted to actually do it. This is how the poor Wuppie looked like in that first 'draft':

To me, the 'new' ones are the same in essence (just a heap of hair, eyes & mouth), but stylized further to be clean for easier 'reading' and animation. Since this is going to be an ultra-small fast-paced short, there's absolutely no room for distracting full-blown design. That's a pity, but also the challenge! I am also not going to do the animation, but I dó feel responsibility for the one who will. The animator might look at both the designs and don't see the difference in animation-work, but I know I am going to be less happy with the result with the first model. If I see all this hair, I want it to be animated like such. With the new one, I wouldn't have this problem. Shapeshifting will do the trick, it's sci-fi right? :)

But please feel free to not agree with this! I'd like to hear your opinion :)


  1. Yeah you are right on that. I didn't mean the hair, but I like that expression of the old one more. That depressed and bored look in the first screen, for my feeling it speaks more.

  2. You are right, I will have to take a look at that Mitch. The eyes do have a little part in the story too, when the wuppie falls apart.
    And, doubting as I always do in development-phase, I have to admit that the new hair cán be a bit more less subtle.