January 27, 2009

Still hairy

It's taking me some time for the storyboard to get it right. The first draft got shot out of the air almost immediately, so I'm reworking the rework. As compensation here's a new version of the hairy alien. It's sketchy, but I'm confident the designers will land it down later. And maybe tonight I decide to alter it once again. The writing part is the doubting part. But it's better to get that out of our system anyway so we can continue with confidence :)


  1. Nice. Ze zijn wel erg anders, veel complexer. Het sprak me erg aan dat die vorige karakters veel meer basic waren. Moet het verhaal dan niet erg veranderd worden?

  2. Sure, the story will change a bit. And these new aliens got stylized again also. They started to annoy me every panel I had to redraw them. And I don't want them to become hell when an animator needs to do that 24 times per sec ;)